Since 2011, ATTRIBUTE implements exceptional web projects.

Lukas von Blarer
Lukas von Blarer

Full Stack Developer, Founder of Attribute
luk@attribute.ch drupal.org

While closely collaborating with our customers, a team of two develops suitable solutions for individual needs. Working mainly with Drupal, ATTRIBUTE is focused on frontend development.


ATTRIBUTE programs and maintains all kinds of projects in any size and complexity and works with clients from various industries. In our range of websites we feature a variety of implementations including artist’s portfolios, corporate websites, news portals, international online shops and customized web solutions. We aspire to complete every project with the highest qualitative and visual standard.


We are very flexible thanks to the size of our team. Furthermore, we seek to bring the best team together for each project. This is to guarantee optimal results and therefore we work closely with graphic designers and agencies, who are most suitable for a specific project.


From the very beginning, ATTRIBUTE participates in developing applicable concepts for a respective project. We then support our customers with the development of meaningful structures for their website. By analyzing the user experience, we can furthermore optimize the structure of a project.


ATTRIBUTE cultivates close and long-standing relationships with customers. We care deeply about competent consulting services as well as personal and direct relations. We are always glad to assist our customers in technical questions and decisions.


ATTRIBUTE puts emphasis on clear structures. We are convinced that user-friendliness is a central component of any good website. Therefore, we design websites solely with comprehensible interfaces that are intuitive and easy-to-use.


For most of the projects ATTRIBUTE uses the open-source platform Drupal, due to its highly flexible architecture. Evaluating new technologies is part of our daily routine. We apply modern workflows, implement living style guides and develop decoupled web apps.

Open Source

ATTRIBUTE exclusively works with open-source technologies and participates actively in the respective communities. We take part in open-source meetups, sprints, and conferences. Furthermore, we participate in discussions about UX and Frontend issues. This exchange is an integral part of our work.

Cultural Promotion

ATTRIBUTE is based in Zurich and is close-knit with local businesses and the cultural scene. The majority of our customers originate in the creative sector. For selected artistic projects we are happy to develop affordable websites. We therefore support individual artists, culture projects, or cultural institutions in a meaningful and sustainable way.

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