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Photo of the website of Volumes


Independant art book fair


VOLUMES is the only swiss independent art publishing fair. The alternative book fair serves as a platform for independent local, and international publishers of art books. VOLUMES also presents minimal editions of artists who publish and produce their work by themselves. The website works as a communications platform of the art book fair fulfills several functions: Interested parties are able to get information on the current edition, a collection of books is displayed, as well as an archive of past editions is made available. Artists and publishers can apply for a table at the upcoming fair with a form we created specifically for this purpose.

Photo of the website of Gregory Gilber-Lodge

Gregory Gilbert-Lodge



Gregory Gilbert-Lodge is an award-winning illustrator, who lives and works in Zurich. Over the course of the last 20 years he realized a variety of internationally recognized projects.Among other things, Gregory Gilbert-Lodge created illustrations for Red Bull, Nike, Migros, Swiss International Airlines, VW, The Tate Modern, and Mercedes. His work has even been presented in the David Bowie exhibition and the V&A in London and Tokyo. He designed the Logo for the canton of Zurich and notable magazines such as GQ, NZZ, Zeit Magazin, Reportagen Magazin, and Das Magazin. The website which was created in collaboration with Atelier Pol features a wide range of illustration work. The illustrations are presented in a user-friendly image gallery. The portfolio website has an online shop where some of the iconographic screen prints can be ordered.

Photo of the website of Georg Gerster

Georg Gerster

Aerial photography


We implemented a portfolio website and online shop for the repeated award-winning aerial photographer Georg Gerster. Thanks to shots of UNESCO world heritage sites as well as pictures taken for the Swissair calendar the photographer has gained international renown. Over the course of his life he has shot an incomparable abundance of aerial images from hitherto uncharted perspectives. The big challenge of this project was to present the myriad of images in a concise manner. Therefore we created a photo gallery specifically designed to allow for quick and simple navigation. Thanks to a simple online shop a selection of prints can be acquired directly from the website. The site’s concept was developed in close collaboration with Christof Täschler.

Photo of the website of Edition Patrick Frey

Edition Patrick Frey

Art book publisher


Beyond any doubt, Edition Patrick Frey has become one of the most important Swiss publishers of art books since its foundation in 1986 and enjoys an international reputation. Edition Patrick Frey serves as a platform for young, aspiring artists and thus engages in arts promotion. It also maintains long relations with renowned artists. In 2013, ATTRIBUTE implemented a new online shop for Edition Patrick Frey in collaboration with THierry Blancpain. The declared aim: To make the feel of art books perceptible online. The new shop is characterized by a timeless design and a clear page structure. The optimization of its usability is reflected in the tenfold increase in revenue. By now, Edition Patrick Frey is a long-standing partner of ATTRIBUTE. We refine the website and add new features on a regular basis.

Photo of the website of Perlaton


Local music festival


Badesaison (Design)


In 2015, the alternative and cross-genre music festival PERLATON got its website from ATTRIBUTE. PERLATON is a small and locally based festival with a versatile program with the aspiration of promoting young and musically experimental projects. The website’s purpose is to provide both a program overview and background information on the artists. Furthermore, it serves as a source of informations to potential sponsors and funding institutions as well as an opportunity for private patrons to get actively involved. Aside from an overview of the upcoming and present festival program the site features an archive of all the past festivals. In the development of this website we collaborated with BADESAISON.

Photo of the website of Robert Steinberger

Robert Steinberger

Performance artist


Curator and performance artist Robert Steinberger ist part of the artist collective FRICTION. He curated group exhibitions in Perla-Mode and Gessnerallee. He performed at the LISTE Basel, Stadtgalerie Bern, Réunion, and at the art institute in San Diego. We realized this portfolio website working closely with graphic designer Krispin Heé. In order to do justice to the diversity of the project we built the site in a modular fashion. One focus has been put on the typography used within the website’s structure. Text outlines are the central element of this website. We implemented an intro animation on the home page.

Photo of the website of Kulturspital


Cultural project at cantonal hospital Aarau


Sarah Kahn (Design)


Together with Kantonsspital Aarau, the association AkutKultur created the cultural project Kulturspital. Every two days, patients suffering from kidney disease spend up to five hours on the dialysis unit. Volunteers work with patients individually and provide creative impulses: From conversation, to literature, painting, music, and handcraft. The one-year pilot project Kulturspital - Spitalkultur benefits patient satisfaction, offers new perspectives and counters social isolation. The smaller projects that have evolved out of Kulturspital are documented on the website. On a blog the overall development of the project can be traced. We integrated a donation system on the website. Patrons can donate using their credit card to Kulturspital.

Photo of the website of Lea Fischlin

Lea Fischlin

Graphic design and photography


In 2016, we realized a portfolio website for photographer and graphic designer Lea Fishlin. Ranging from Books to political poster campaigns, the website features the whole variety of her works. The unconventional and flashy layout is accentuated Thanks to a general structural reduction and thus highlights the visual material within this one-pager. The website was designed by Lea Fischlin herself.

Photo of the website of re/fugium


Art platform


re/fugium is an interdisciplinary one-time project that took place in Valle di Blenio, Ticino in the summer 2016. During two months a small group of artists, politicians, historians, programmers, etc. retreated in a discarded chocolat factory to discuss the generation Y and the future of our cohabitation – intentionally open-ended and thus detached from the usual performance pressure. The website’s primary purpose iswas to present the project and make it accessible to funding institutions. The site is structured in a very simple way: It is a one-pager starting with a complex fullscreen intro-animation. The graphic designer Christof Täschler created the CI and design.

Photo of the website of Friend




For the first time, we realized a website for musicians for the Zurich-based band FRIEND. Freed of all conventions regarding classical band websites the front page demonstrates humor. The site is kept in a simple structure and is limited to what is absolutely necessary: An agenda of upcoming shows, music videos, embedded Soundcloud tracks and contact information. The website comes across straightforward – not least because of the collaboration with graphic designer Dominik Huber, himself a band member of FRIEND. We implemented the site in 2016.

Photo of the website of Patrick Frey

Patrick Frey

Comedy and stageplay


Patrick Frey is a Swiss actor, cabaret artist, author, and publisher (Edition Patrick Frey). Among other things, he gained recognition as an actor in the series Lüthi&Blanc, as a co-initiator of the Casinotheater Winterthur, as a cabaret artist providing a full-length program, and as a cultural journalist for Tagesanzeiger and WOZ. His many and diverse public appearances demand for an agenda that is clearly arranged. The agenda is a central element of the website and is being displayed prominently on the front page. Furthermore, the website serves the purpose to document the diverse works of Patrick Frey. In 2016, we worked together with graphic designer Teo Shifferli to create this website.

Photo of the website Sibylle Berg

Sibylle Berg

Novels, plays, and columns


In 2015, we realized a website for the swiss author Sibylle Berg. Sibylle Berg writes novels which have been translated into several languages and has celebrated international success. She also writes theater plays, essays and a weekly column for Spiegel Online. The website presents the most recent books, which can be acquired through the links to the respective publisher’s site. The front page consists of a video intro while the rest has been kept in a simple style. Aside from a general overview of the books and theater projects the website features a blog where Sibylle Berg posts up-to-date content. We conceptualized and realized the project working together with graphic designer Michel Luarasi.

Photo of the website of Friction


Artist collective


Badesaison (Design)


We implemented a portfolio website for the Zurich-based artist and curator collective FRICTION. The website highlights the collective’s current work and documents the diversity of its art and performance projects. Since the collective works on a project-based approach it was conceptually important to uphold the older content graphically – despite irregular updates. In order to achieve this we worked closely with the graphic designers Badesaison. The websites intro consists of videos by the artist Esther Mathis. The collective communicates mainly over social media and has an affinity for images. In “Media” various images and texts are displayed which are directly linked to Facebook and Instragram.