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Photo of the Website of Fischer Architekten

Fischer Architekten

Zurichs long standing architects


Hammer (Design), Aude Lehmann (Koordination)


In 2016 we realized a website for one of the biggest and most steeped in history architectural firms in Zurich. Fischer Architekten was founded in 1929 and with its 60 employees it is a comparably large architectural firm for swiss standards. Aside from smaller projects - such as the building of residential houses - Fischer Architekten coordinates large and international projects too. Their website emphasizes the firm’s decade-long tradition through the portfolio section’s timeline of the firm’s history. The corporate Website - which we realized working together with graphic studio Hammer and Aude Lehmann - is sophisticated in both design and implementation. At the heart of the site is a video portrait of the firm which was specifically design for the website. An optimized gallery provides beautiful insights into the working of the architectural firm.

Photo of the website of Georg Gerster

Georg Gerster

Aerial photography


We implemented a portfolio website and online shop for the repeated award-winning aerial photographer Georg Gerster. Thanks to shots of UNESCO world heritage sites as well as pictures taken for the Swissair calendar the photographer has gained international renown. Over the course of his life he has shot an incomparable abundance of aerial images from hitherto uncharted perspectives. The big challenge of this project was to present the myriad of images in a concise manner. Therefore we created a photo gallery specifically designed to allow for quick and simple navigation. Thanks to a simple online shop a selection of prints can be acquired directly from the website. The site’s concept was developed in close collaboration with Christof Täschler.

Photo of the website of Edition Patrick Frey

Edition Patrick Frey

Art book publisher


Beyond any doubt, Edition Patrick Frey has become one of the most important Swiss publishers of art books since its foundation in 1986 and enjoys an international reputation. Edition Patrick Frey serves as a platform for young, aspiring artists and thus engages in arts promotion. It also maintains long relations with renowned artists. In 2013, ATTRIBUTE implemented a new online shop for Edition Patrick Frey in collaboration with THierry Blancpain. The declared aim: To make the feel of art books perceptible online. The new shop is characterized by a timeless design and a clear page structure. The optimization of its usability is reflected in the tenfold increase in revenue. By now, Edition Patrick Frey is a long-standing partner of ATTRIBUTE. We refine the website and add new features on a regular basis.

jörg boner productdesign

jörg boner productdesign

Design Studio


In 2015, ATTRIBUTE realized a portfolio website for the designer Jörg Boner. The Swiss designer’s sketches are dedicated to reduction – a principle we mirrored in the conception and arrangement of the website. In his studio in Zurich, Jörg Boner develops lamps, furniture and other objects of everyday use. The strikingly minimalistic design captivates the use due to its innovation and elegance – as well as due to its functionality. Aside from the classical portfolio function the website provides an insight into the designer’s creative working process. Additionally, the site features a sober online shop. ATTRIBUTE worked out the overall concept, built prototypes and developed and implemented the online shop. The design was conceived of by Christof Täschler – based on a corporate indentity created by NORM.

Photo of the website of staatslabor


Political plattform


staatslabor is the product of the engagement within a broad network of innovation practitioners during the summer of 2016. The interdisciplinary collaboration of technicians, entrepreneurs, designers, social scientists, politicians, and administrative staff lead to the creation of this space – innovatively tailored to swiss needs with regards to future challenges in administration. staatslabor functions as a platform linking experts, civil society, and administration. It is a space of exchange and public innovation laboratory. Developed in collaboration with Christoph Täschler, the website features a blog and provides information on current projects. The website explains the content and course of events leading up to staatslabor and serves as a communications platform - so as to document and exchange thought processes, initiatives and ideas.

Photo of the website of BFB Architekten

BFB Architekten

Medical architecture


The architectural firm BFB Architects AG is specialized in hospitals, medicinal buildings and residential houses. Among other things, BFB planned and executed the conversions and extensions of hospitals in Weitzikon, and Limmattal, as well as the St. Claraspital in Basel. With a team of 25 people consisting of architects, technicians, and draughtsmen the firm looks back on three decades of experience. For BFB Architects we worked together with graphic designer Schätti - Lehmann to create a new visual identity and structure of the corporate website which allows for a modular handling of content – indispensable in light of the abundance of different projects. Photo galleries, plans, and news releases can be created dynamically on the new website.

Photo of the website of nasire


Moroccan leather webshop


The young, Zurich-based fashion label nasire designs and produces leather products of high quality. Their flagship product are precious and functional leather bags. All goods are being produced in Marrakech. The exchange between the two cities Zurich and Marrakech is an essential part of this project as Marrakech’s architecture has been a decisive source of inspiration for the design of the bags. nasire’s hallmark is the traditional moroccan tanning process. We developed an online shop featuring straightforward checkout for the lifestyle label from Zurich. The overall design of the website has been kept minimalistic – very much in contrast to the elaborate intro which presents visuals inspired by moroccan patterns. In 2016, we realized the website together with nasire.

Photo of the website of Beatrice Müller

Beatrice Müller

Communication and media coaching


Beatrice Müller is an expert for training in communications and media skills. She worked for SRF for 25 years – 16 of which as a moderator for Tagesschau. Today, Beatrice Müller offers training in communication and media to individuals and companies, while also giving talks at universities and other higher education institutions. The corporate website – which we realized working together with graphic designer Michel Luarasi in 2015 - is structured in a simple style and provides an overview of the range of trainings and communications emphases. Aside from an agenda of the current course offers the site features a blog which is being used actively. For Beatrice Müller the website has confirmedly become the most successful source of acquisition.

Photo of the website of Velo Blitz


Zurichs messenger


Signalwerk GmbH (Frontend), Gut & Schön (Design)


In 2016, we created a website for the well-known cycle courier Veloblitz. The cooperative logistics service enterprise employs over 70 couriers. In all weathers and in the midst of the city rush, they reliably and friendly deliver – and all of this while enjoying cycling greatly. The website is built in a simple and functional way. Customers can get information on offers and calculate prices directly on the site. On this project we collaborated with Stefan Huber (Signalwerk GmbH) and Annegreth Schärli (Gut & Schön).

Photo of the website of Weinberg


Traditional couturier business


Hammer (Design)


The traditional business Weinberg, located at the Bahnhofstrasse in the centre of Zurich, was founded in 1934. The fashion business exclusively sells Haute Couture fashion by international labels. The company website which we realized working together with design studio Hammer offer an insight into the history of the family enterprise and shows the current collection. An additional particularity of the fashion business is its in-house tailor shop where customers are able to get their purchases modified.  The website prominently emphasizes this focus.

Photo of the website of Journal21


Independent news portal


In 2013, we realized the website for the independent news portal Journal21. Resisting the proclamation of “news”, Journal21 does without sensational journalism and live streams. Instead, the online journal focuses on the added value of journalism: deeper analysis, comments and background reports on current world affairs. Journal21 is predominantly authored and operated by retired journalists and is directed at readers with high demands regarding journalism. We worked out the information architecture of this complex website together with graphic designer Janine Fuchs. We maintain Journal21 on a long-term basis and implement adjustments regularely.